Nuclear kids is a country of childhood, where residents are children. There come children from all over the world.There is an opportunity to learn how other people live, discover their rules and customs.

Each person has his own Hobbies. Hobbies diverse : someone passionate about singing, someone plays tennis or basketball.Even in the kindergarten, I went to the dance class. I have been dancing for 9 years. Two years ago I've graduated from the children's art school, choreography departament. Now I am studying in the Studio of modern dance "Pulse". When we prepare for the competitions, we train very hard. At these times i get very tired. But it's a good tiredness. Because I know that the more we rehearse our dance, the better we'll perform.  Talking about sports, I love to play baskteball and participate in various competitions. I have friends and I love them very much. we share the same Hobbies and tastes. I like to spend time with them because we like the same music and the same movies. They can always tell me something interesting and listen to me if I need to, and I get my support in response.