I want to participate in the project because I want to change my life and I try to do everything for it.

I am studying in a secondary school. My favorite subject is drawing. I used to go to art school, but I had to leave it for music. I have two brothers. The first brother Vlad, he's 24 years old, and a twin- brother Tolya. Tolya and I used to spend a lot of time together, but now we have different Hobbies. I love to sing and dance.  I like to spend time with my parents and brothers and play table games. I am engaged in music school and Greco-Roman wrestling. I have many friends, but very little time to communicate with them. Friends and family consider me a sincere, cheerful, active, sociable, responsible, kind, gentle and positive guy. We have a Yorkshire Terrier at home.  His name is Agni. I love him very much because he is beautiful, kind and playful. I've participated in competitions and won prizes in vocal. My dream is to become a famous vocalist.