Once again, I am very lucky to become a project participant, and I am very proud of it!

Hello! My name is Kamila Abdullayeva, I am 13 and a half years old, I live in the beautiful and sunny city of Almaty. I am quite an active and comprehensively developed person: I have many hobbies, avocations, friends and acquaintances. Of course, the hobbies and avocations may not be constant, but now I practice K-POP dancing, I watch anime; I like to sing songs, watch interesting films, draw and paint, read various books and play Dombra, which is the traditional Kazakh musical instrument.

Dancing in K-POP style, anime and Dombra are all my recent hobbies. I started learning them for the first time in my new school. My new friends and teachers have really helped me in developing those skills. My friend Amina teaches me to dance. It all started with the dance knows as "DDU-DU-DDU-DU" by the South Korean band BLACKPINK, and thereafter I learned other dances. If Amina does not know movements or techniques of a new dance that I need to know or have not yet learned by myself, I just go ahead and use YouTube with many interesting teaching channels to learn the movements and techniques. As for the anime, things are a little different: I have just recently started watching my first (for now) anime Naruto, authored by Masashi Kisimoto. In addition, with other anime followers I discuss the plot, graphics and heroes of Naruto. I started mastering Dombra 5 months ago. Though not always fast and quick, but I have confidently and correctly mastered light melodies, songs, and soon kuis on this rather loud instrument. Well, drawing is my most unusual obstacle. The problem is that my best friend Aidana draws VERY beautiful things, and I try to achieve her level. Sometimes it seems that you are about to achieve perfection, but in the end there is a slight disappointment, for there are always those who have the same picture that will be done MUCH better.

To love reading is to exchange hours of boredom,

inevitable in life, for hours of great enjoyment.

Charles Louis de Montesquieu

What is right is right: I really love reading when it is too boring, or when the book is really interesting. Now I am interested in reading a series of books known as "Agatha Mystery." They are small, but challenging, exciting and overwhelming detective stories. First, they have drawn my younger brother’s attention, and then mine. Therefore, I would like to recommend those stories to all my friends and acquaintances.

I forgot to tell you about my passion for exciting films, for example: The Shaggy Dog, Snow Dogs, The Green Book, Paddington, etc. What are their peculiarities? The fact that each of them has some kind of spark making the film an extraordinary one and you should just feel and notice it.