8 July 2015

On July 6 on the sunny shores of the Gulf of Finland project Nuskids 2015 was casting young actors. Each of the participants in a short time had to show their best creative abilities. Members of the jury (musical stage director Vladimir Karabanov, choreographer Maxim Nedolechko and vocal coach Elena Ustimenko) had to notice the details to make a choice in the future. Despite the fact that the long-awaited first mile of the journey was exciting for the participants of the project, they coped with the task. The performances took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Jurors inserted the good jokes in the process of communicating, expressed professional vision and gave honestly advices. Our beloved children surprised us with their preparation and often tore ovation of viewers for originality and skill. It has been seen that children are not only talented, but also hardworking. Even in the first stage they tried their best to give everything to take a responsible position on this wonderful ship. In the eyes of children we read that the storm did not frighten them. It was a difficult choice for the creative team because all the participants are talented children, who already have passed a hard pre-selection. According to the jury, most of all they liked performances of participants from Angarsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Vietnam, Hungary and Turkey.

As a result of today's casting the jury will have to place the children in responsible positions to control our ship. And there are no random people on the ship, as you know. The result  depends on the well-coordinated work of the team. In our case, the result of the voyage will be a musical, which we will play with our young talents. We hope that the game of little inspired artists will melt the ice in the hearts of audience in different parts of our country and Europe, where children go on our nuclear icebreaker Nuckids 2015. And we are confident that this journey will be successful and will repeat many times.

Artem Myakinkov, specially for www.nuckids.ru