7 July 2018

Nuclear Kids 2018 is the anniversary and tenth project expected for more than one month. Six months of preparation, 3 months of regional selection, dozens of pages of the scripts studied and whole packs of documents issued. And finally, the project started!

This year the organizers prepared many surprises for the participants on the occasion of the anniversary year. The main one is a new place for the rehearsal and preparatory stage of the project. In honor of the NucKids decade, our entire atomic team decided to go to Hungary, to the sunny city of Tolna, so that it would become our home for a month and a creative home.

On July 5, usual Moscow day, all the leaders, by the way, also former participants of the project, was prepared to meet new project “NucKids”. It is these guys that will not only conquer the hall, but also prove that in the anniversary year, nuclear art can reach unprecedented heights!

Little by little, future participants start arriving at the stations and airports in Moscow. In 2018, NucKids invited 80 children from 9 countries of the world into its nuclear family. All the guys are really interested in this case, all the guys are ready to work and, most importantly, they are really happy to be here. Our objectiveis to do everything possible to make these nuclear talents feel at home as a project.

"The technology of our meetings has been worked out to the last detail. Children come to the station or to the airport, and there we are waiting for them, counselors, near the platform or near the exit from the terminal. All in branded clothes, with the NucKids logo. The guys see us and they immediately get in the mood and a smile appears on the face. And after a difficult road, this is the most important thing! "

Krysyakov Daniel, the group leader

The NucKids project is always new meetings. Meeting with new creativity, with new people. This is a meeting of old friends and an opportunity to meet new ones. Such meetings fill our lives with genuine happiness. It's most pleasant to see how the first steps on the project are made by newcomers. They will be the spark that will ignite the fire of drive this year.

"We arrived well. The train traveling are usually nothing to do. Entertained themselves as best they could. For example, I could see through the window of a live moose. It was cool! I've never seen them before. They met us very positively. All the leaders were very nice and cheerful. Immediately somehow felt that I was happy here. I hope this atmosphere continues on the project itself! "

Erastov Lev, 12 years old, town of Glazov

However, Moscow for our guys has become only a staging post. As the most real artists, the next day they were waiting for a long road and a great trip. Having received uniforms, the participants of the project broke up into two groups and set out on their journey - to the cherished Hungary!

The road was not easy. To successfully cross the border of the European Union, the guys needed to come to the Moscow airport by 6 o'clock in the morning, undergo an inspection and landing and fly over the whole of Eastern Europe for two and a half hours. But our participants took all difficulties as a challenge. We must do it! Real heroes!

"Moving with us, of course, was not easy. But I'm not used to it! I've already been abroad and I know what a difficult road is. Once, my parents and I went to Finland and traveled to the place for 24 hours! Swam - we know! In Hungary, I've never been. When the plane landed, Budapest was visible. I saw several cathedrals, and I really liked architecture. It was very cool! I hope, it will be possible to consider it more closely! "

Berezin Daniil, 15, Novouralsk

So, almost all the participants came to the project NucKids 2018. We all got to the wonderful Hungarian city of Tolna. It's just amazing! But about this a little later, after all, it's time for us to work on our musical. To be continued!

Suslov Lev,

Specially for nuckids.ru