6 July 2019
On July 4, the project has officially started!

Participants began to arrive in Moscow early in the morning , at airports and train stations they were met by counselors and volunteers, who then accompanied their groups to a small hotel “Park Inn Sheremetyevo”. In addition to Russians, children from Kazakhstan, China, India and Turkey came to Moscow to participate in the project. All participants received special equipment with the corporate style of the project and useful accessories: backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies, thermoses, notebooks and raincoats.

The suitcases remained unpacked, because  on the morning of the July 5 the project flew to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

The next day – July 5, was quite long and eventful. Wake up at three in the morning, Breakfast at 4 and departure at 7 o'clock! It was difficult to miss or lose the participants of the project in Sheremetyevo airport. The bright colors of the uniform immediately leaped to the eyes. For registration the company “Aeroflot” has given 2 separate stands for the project . The participants of Nuckids were divided in parties: first children, then adults -  the participants of administrative-creative groups, and then the transportation of additional Luggage was organized (microphones, costumes, sets, keyboards, sewing machines, equipment for participants of the project who come from or directly to Hungary). As always, this part of the flight was the most difficult and long. But finally, all took their seats on board, which took off quickly.

The flight was fast, only 2 hours on the way to Budapest. On the road, many children slept and so for them the flight was even faster.

 "I rarely fly by plane, as I often travel with my parents by car. Sometimes takeoff is the most exciting and frightening moment for me. But today was more fun than scary. I did not even notice how we began to gain altitude," says Trofim Gnezdilov, Moscow.

In Hungary the participants were met by two buses and water, which was very important, because the local weather was much warmer than Russian. The temperature rose to 30 degrees in shade.

In air-conditioned buses, participants moved to Debrecen, 250 kilometres far from Budapest. For three weeks, the University campus will be home for Nuckids: here the project participants will live, take part in auditions, competitions of acting, quests will be held and a musical will be staged here. In a few days the script will be read, the distribution of roles and classes with teachers on vocal, acting and choreography held.

In Budapest and Debrecen, participants from Hungary and Turkey joined the project. This year Nuckids has an innovation, although it can be still called"well-forgotten old" – foreign participants will not be in one special group. Everybody will be in mixed groups, which are already formed by age. Each group has at least one person who speaks English well, who together with the counselors translates all information to the participants and helps them to adapt to the new environment. According to the idea of teachers and team leaders, it will contribute to the greater cohesion of the group and the development of communication skills in foreign languages.

"This practice has already been on the project, when Russian participants lived together with foreigners. This will serve as a good motivation in terms of learning different foreign languages: English, Chinese, Turkish and others."- says the main leader of the project, Elena Gordeeva.

Someone has already installed online translators and began to register foreign participants in “Vkontakte” (social network) to maintain communication within the whole day.

Very soon the main contenders for the leading roles in the performance will be known. In the meantime, the participants amicably prepare to appear in front of the professional jury and show all their talents at the first casting. The fight for the main roles has already begun! We will tell about further development of events in the following materials. Keep in touch , Nuckids!