7 July 2019
Inside Casting

The next day after moving from Moscow to Debrecen we held an inside casting round. This is one of the most important and exciting events in the life of the project. Why?

Inside casting is a chance to present yourself to the creation group, to reveal new talents or to prove former success. However, it’s not enough just to repeat your performance, because now every moment is being closely examined and tested.

While presenting prose, any participant can be stopped and then asked to resume. Many dancers were asked to perform their favorite songs in Russian and in foreign languages.

"Actually, I'm a dancer. And I wasn't mentally prepared to sing. But I really wanted to try something new and show that I can do something more than just dancing. So I decided to perform two of my favorite songs – one in Russian and another in English", says Svetlana Tolstukhina, Angarsk.

Casting is a continuous process. During two days the theatrical director, choreographer and vocal and acting teachers attentively studied and listened to all children, and made some notes. Every detail was important: where the person was looking during the performance, how he or she acted if asked to improvise, how they kept themselves while walking or just entering the audience. As you might know, many students Oleg Tabakov’s Acting College were selected by how they appeared in the auditorium.

Despite the fact that many participants are eager to play the main role, there is no hate or fights between the young actors. On the contrary, they support each other:  they do exercises to warm up face muscles together; they find songs and go on stage to perform together. If someone is afraid before audition he or she receives a lot of the warm hugs.

"Yesterday some guys from different countries needed help. Someone was shy to sing a song alone. So I thought, "Why don't I help them? Why don’t we sing a duet?" I usually try to help everybody in any way I can", says Polina Kozlova, Budapest.

The casting was filled with diverse discoveries and creative decisions, for example, usual prose excerpts or poems were replaced by haiku. Somebody presented poems of their own composition and showed scenes from famous musicals in their own interpretation. Participants from India impressed the jury by producing speeches in English.

It would seem that at the end of the audition the children could briefly relax and go to sleep, but the next event would be waiting for them very soon – the Acting Contest. There the guys would be able to release the adrenaline that has been accumulated during the selections round and have fun. Our next article will tell you how the Acting Contest is held. Nuckids are online!

Sincerely yours,

Dear Editors