12 July 2019

Only one week has passed since the beginning of the project, but it has been filled with so many events: auditions, acting contest (AC), classes with vocal and acting teachers, and trips to the pool. Every day is planned by minutes with breaks only for meals and sleep.

The dancers are already rehearsing on the stage of the Debrecen theatre Csokonai (which celebrates 154 years this year!) The actors did more auditions for the roles. The Director constantly makes corrections in his notes and selects the best candidates for the junior and senior casts. That’s why the project participants go to the dining room and to group meetings with script print-outs and learn songs in their free time (by the way, the name of this year's musical – "In the beginning was the word...").

In general, the life of the project participants is similar to the life of a professional. But there are still different events for the children that have already become traditional for the project sessions.

One of them is the Delegations Night. Participants from different countries prepare presentations about their homeland, perform songs in the national language, rap about their hometown and make group dances especially for this evening. It helps children to discover the peculiarities of the national culture and traditions of their friends' countries. Some speakers make a brief excursion into the history and tell interesting facts and even legends about their countries and cities. For example, participants from Hungary made a special menu for everyone who has come to Hungary for the first time, which included the national cuisine and sweets that everyone should try. The representatives of India spoke about the geographical features of the southern states of India, as well as the relations between the people of these states.

"Most of all I liked the presentation of the Hungarian girls, as they made a talk about their customs and mentioned places to visit in Hungary. I really want to come back to Hungary once again, walk around Budapest and go to the Balaton lake", says Elizaveta Kovalenko, Moscow.

Participants from Russia presented several cities and regions. Elizabeth Baliura from Nizhny Novgorod showed acrobatic elements in the Russian folk style and sang a song about her hometown. Participants from Moscow made a dance to a well-known Russian pop track - "Nezabudka". Participants from Kurchatov sang the song "Let's Pray for Parents", during the performance of which the whole audience turned on the phones flashlights, and dancers from Angarsk demonstrated a specially prepared performance to the anthem of their city.

"I really liked the Delegations Night. Everything was just fantastic! Most of all I liked the dance of the guys from Angarsk, as they were all synchronized and performed in a professional way! My dream now is to travel across Russia and visit the cities where the project participants come from", Atarva Deopujari, Kudankulam, India.

At the end of the evening, everybody danced to the music of the beloved anthem of Nuckids project! Our foreign participants are already beginning to learn the lyrics of it in Russian.

Read about our trip to Budapest in the next issue! Nuckids are online!

Sincerely yours,

Dear Editors