I want to participate in this project because I will meet new friends. I'll be playing on the big stage. I will be on TV.

My name is Dasha. I am 12 years old. I study at school № 27 in the 6 class. My dream to become a choreographer. I love animals. I have two dogs and one turtle. I love listening to music, to skate , to dance ,to sing , draw. My hobby is dancing. I go to the staff of «Dancer» . I dance a lot of friends and a great leader. In school, I also have a lot of friends. One of them VitalyRykova, she's my best friend. We are familiar with it 6 years. Also in my class have my cousin Kate Alexandrov. I am very positive ,active, and funny girl as my mother says. I love being on stage. I am very sociable. I like to meet new guys. That's why I have many friends.