I will meet new friends and other people, who can help me in something in the future

Also, I really like playing voleyboll and I think it’s my favourite sport. I have been engaging in kickboxing for 3 years, but I gave up. So, I have to admit that I hate participating in sport school competitions, because I know that school will sit on my neck  and will be asking me participate in something in my free time. However, I very often go literature’s and Russian language’s Olympiads and I find it very interesting. While I talk about the school, I must say that I probably will have had only 1 or 2 fours in this year and for me that’s FANTASTIC. I hope I will be honours pupil in next year.

And in the end of my speak, I must say that I really friendly and I very love people. I can help you or other person if you ask me for something and I reckon that all people must help somebody if this person ask it.  I think that’s all what I wanted to say.