When I read about Nuckids project on the Internet and saw the casting process, I got the fiery eyes and I wanted to challenge myself. According to what who have alreadyheard, everything will be cool and I hope that we all will become one large family.

My hobby is dancing. Dancing is everything for me. I have been practicing it for 10 years. I try new forms of this art, for example, contemporary, jazz-modern and crump. In the future I want to connect my life with dancing, proceed the choreography university or make myself known on project "NucKids". The dance helped me to find very good and responsive friends who will never leave in me trouble. We have supported our communication for many years  and now we have a lot in common. There were situations when I could not do something(the element in the dance) and my friends stayed with me after training or we came in advance in order to work out the most difficult movements. If it weren’t my favorite hobby, I wouldn’t have met my kind-hearted friends. Without dancing my life would be very simple and boring.