I want to show my creativity and discover experience of the others. I will learn from high-class teachers and broaden my potential. It is also interesting to attend various master classes.

Hello, my name is Bushmakin Stepan, I am 13 years old. I study in a comprehensive school and  in the creative association "Fortune"  - 5 years in vocals, 3 years in acting skills and 2 years in choreography. In my leasure time I like to draw (and I'm good at it), walk or dance in my room.

 Stronger than my family, I love only my team "Fortune" - this is my second home where I am ready to live. All guys there are my friends and girlfriends. Our teacher is very strict, talented and positive.

 I love my life! If it was  a picture, then it would be bright and very colorful. And the NuclearKids project will diversify my picture with new shades of colors, and I am sure that these colors won't  be cold !!!