I believe that this project will help to get a unique and valuable experience.

Hello, my name is Vlada. I was born at the end of the summer, August 1. Since early childhood, I have been singing and dancing. So, in the kindergarten I went to the vocal class of Lyamina E.I. I  love to dance and in elementary classes went to dance class as well, but then I left, because our teacher had left. For a year now I have been working in the theater group “Lux” of Boris Sozin.Аt the moment his director is Sinitsyna T.G. I am a very positive, friendly and cheerful person. When I'm singing and the audience cry or laugh, I understand that scene is the place where I want to spend my whole life. When I had my first concert in my life, I realized that I can't live without a scene. It is gives me the emotions that I need. My every performance on stage is like a breath of fresh air. This year I came to the casting for the third time, in order to become a paricipant of the project, and succeeded. I believe that it will give me, of course, valuable experience and a push forward.