Dream ro learn from famous people how to behave properly on stage, to properly converse with people and present yourself.

I enjoy practising modern dancing (Jazz-Funk, DANCEHALL, HIP HOP). I have been going to the dance school "E-Motion school of dance" for fourt years already. I actively search for new competitions, perform both solo and as part of the team. I study in the school of music at the two classes, music (vocal) and instrumental (synthesizer). This year I finish pop department. Want to learn to play percussion instruments, especifically on drums. Sing in the art-group "Premiere". Four girls and I. All my friends also deal with music and dancing. I love to walk, skate and go skateboarding.  I travel a lot on various competitions and take part in master-classes. . I was invited to the casting show "voice.kids". I Collect autographs of famous teachers, singers and dancers.