I'd like to take part in International theatre project because every project is a real challenge. It can show your strengths and weaknesses.

My name is Semen. I am 12. I’m not very tall, I have brown eyes and blonde hair. I study at school № 41 in the town of Novouralsk. My favorite hobby is theatre. I’ve been going to the theatre since I was 7. I like to spend much time with my nearest and dearest. I adore outdoor activities, picnics, rafting and travelling. I study Russian, English, French languages, mathematics and geography at school.  I don't always have time to walk. And if I have, I like walking with my friends and have fun time. My friends say, that I’m a sociable person. My friends can trust me. I’m also energetic and hardworking. I’m ready to help, if I’m asked about that. I want to become an actor and a good person.