This is a great chance for me to try out something new, like vocal, and participate in musical!

I am engaged in dancing, especially modern choreography. I have been studying at the Palace of Culture Dauriya to Nogumanova Irina Nikolaevna for four years.My team is friendly, we advise with each other and thanks to this and of course, diligent preparation, we take the highest scores in various competitions. For example, we won the grand prix at the 2019 Mix.We also participate in international competitions such as "Vivat, talent" in Irkutsk and others. I love my team !

Despite my classes and Hobbies, I study a lot and present great academic results. I’ve been performing since I was five ,it inspires me. In the future I see myself on stage.I like to make new friends , becauce communication means a lot to me. Hope that NucKids project will bring me even more friends !