I am sure that this project is able to give me the most powerful impetus to the world of creativity, valuable experience and introduce me to many wonderful and talented people.

I have been singing for about 10 years, I have been playing guitar for two years, more recently I have started learning English. I'd like to go to piano and solfeggio classes in the future, start practicing acting. For two years I had been engaged in athletics, but then my priorities fell on the creativity. This is what I want to connect my future life with! I have a vide social net: school, vocals, music school, English class and athletics. Of course, I can’t call every second person a friend, but there are a lot of acquaintances.

I love readind, one of my favorite books is “The Hunger Games” (Susan Collins). I love watching movies (I really liked the film "Bohemian Rhapsody"), I love listening to diverse genres ofmusic: classical, rock, pop, and jazz, especially Queen, Nerva, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown and Rihanna.