This project is what I love – dancing and traveling. I think it's very interesting, when children from different regions and countries doing the same job.

My name is Polina, but my friends just call me Polya. I am 12 years old. I live in Angarsk and study in the gymnasium № 1. My best girlfriends are Eva and Christina. We regularly take part in different events. I’m learning two foreign languages – English and German. I have gone to the dance for 5 years already. The name of my dance study is «Dancer». I have got a lot of friends in this collective. During my dance study except dance I‘ve learned to feel freely society, freely move at any music. I like active leisure. I and my family often go skiing, skates and the pool. I use to went for 2 years in swimming, but chose dancing. My motto in life – to be active, positive and never give up that I begin.