15 July 2015

International children's creative project of the State Corporation “Rosatom” Nuckids 2015, which started July 4, 2015 in “CronwellPark” hotel in Repino near St. Petersburg, entered the active phase. In seven years it became successful and recognizable. Every year more and more children of nuclear industry workers want to become its members. This year's competition was on average 12 people per seat. As a result of a rigorous selection the most motivated and talented atomic children went to the project.

Every day from early morning until late night serious work boils on the training grounds - choreography, scening, voice setting and polishing. Children are under the guidance of experienced mentors: the director Vladimir Karabanov, choreographer Maxim Nedolechko, vocal coach Elena Ustimenko, teacher of acting skills and stage speech Natalia Gorbas – they give rise to another masterpiece, a musical, whose script was wrote by Vladimir Karabanov. This is a story about a boy, Igor, who was always interested in the writings of the English scientist Ernest Rutherford, the founder of nuclear physics. Inquisitive mind of Igor is so passionate about the theory of the atom, that he eagerly absorbs everything that is connected with it. He leaves his home, family, and going to get on a ship to England, where he wants to meet with Rutherford himself and ask him a lot of questions. During the story Igor will pass through complex tests, which did not break him, but only hardened. As a result, he did not get to Rutherford, but studied a lot in homeland, and after a while the whole world knows about the great Soviet physicist Igor Kurchatov – the father of the Soviet atomic bomb, the author of a large number of discoveries and scientific works. With the help of the talented children by the musical language authors want to convey to the audience the key message: for the children's inquisitive minds a whole world is open, multi-faceted and colorful, full of achievements.

Participants of the project work in a friendly atmosphere from the very first days. Not only children, but also a team of creative and administrative group is most mobilized, because only three weeks are set for the preparation of the musical, and then - the tour! By the way, the musical premiere will be held July 28 at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg! So creative holiday on the shores of the Gulf of Finland continues. And we will closely monitor developments on the project Nuckids 2015.

Artem Myakinkov, especially for www.nuckids.ru